Thursday, November 29, 2012

Clearly this hasn't been moving...

Yeah. Sorry about that.
Kinda got into a lot of other stuff lately.

The completed Diliman comic is still online.

I've been chronicling gaming-related articles and stuff at my new blog for table top gaming.

And there's always my short romantic comedy script that I hope to someday be produced.

But overall, yeah, life has been good.  Great.  Grand.


And yes, the unthinkable has happened.  I have overcome my dog phobia and now have a dog.  Meet Yoshi!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Garapata is getting ready to get louder!

(Me, Tracy and my brother Mike, back when they still believed I was the smartest among us three)

This is the point where I announce to you all that my blog is now ready to receive donations.
To also add to the fun of the blog, I will now incorporate the following new features:

Weekly Updates
First, I plan to update my blog at least once a week. Maybe someday I can be as diligent as Rocky and update my blog on a daily basis, but for now I guess I can just aim for a weekly update. Updates can range from either short articles, rants, quickie fiction, or a comic update.

Question for the Week
In an attempt to add some level of interactivity with my readers, I will now also open the floor for a Question of the Week. Readers can email me questions they would like to ask me (tobito_abad AT yahoo DOT com) and each week I will choose a question or two to answer. The questions can be about any topic, and I promise to answer the question one way or another.

Many of my current readers might not be aware that this is merely a copy of the blogger version of my blog. I will limit the article in Multiply to simply be a teaser of each blog post that gets published. Here's hoping readers will eventually get used to visiting garapata.blogspot.com instead to read my blog. Here's also hoping that readers would find my blog exciting enough to consider sending some tips (financial or advisory) my way. This should help me keep my writing edge sharp, my comic urges sated, and eventually (hopefully), my dreams of securing Sietch Creare a reality.

So yeah, here's to The Garapata Can Speak being given a much bigger voice.
Let's hope I don't embarrass myself (like in that picture above) in the process!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Diliman: the Final Issue

I will finish Diliman this year.

This is a declaration. This is a promise.
I have taken far too long for the webcomic to be completed. Enough with the performance anxieties. Enough with the fear of not making the story end well enough. Many loyal readers have already moved on. A few hopeful ones still wait, and hope and pray.

And the fact it, it deserves the ending you wrote.
It deserves to be complete.

Already, as we speak, it is part of a documentary on the Aswang Phenomenon and parts of its artwork is being used as visual elements in the said documentary (Thank you so much, Jordan!) And there is already interest in having some of the issues in the said documentary's extra DVD. There are also talks on possibly creating a limited run of shorts based on it.

So seriously, Tobie, finish the darned thing.

I will.

And when it is done, I can only wonder if anyone out there would be interested in helping me get the 300+ page monstrosity actually printed and sold? :-))

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Finally learning to cook

So far, I've discovered I have a natural knack for making sandwiches, salads and desserts.
Main dishes, however, has its hits and misses.

Ever since Rocky and I moved to Cubao, we've both promised ourselves to dive in head first into the mysterious and exciting world of cooking. From what started out as an expedition using merely a rice cooker (thank yous to Eman and Apple for giving us their old one), we've finally progressed to getting a gas stove and learning the ropes on frying, creating soups, boiling and steaming stuff.

There was once this time in my life that I desperately wanted to learn to cook.

It all began when I caught a show on the telly one day and it was all about this thing called the Ministry of Food. Hosted by Jamie Oliver, the show focused on a group of people whom he had taught to cook a simple yet succulent omelet then challenged them to find their own pupils to teach. Watching the show, I found myself relating so much to the people who lamented on how they have survived on junk food and microwaveable dinners for most of their lives since they left their parents' homes. As Jamie showed them how easy it was to actually prepare your own delicious and healthy cuisine, I found myself deeply inspired to do the same some day and promised myself that there will come a time when I too can cook my own breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner.

The move to Sietch Creare became a major catalyst in reaching for this elusive dream.
Having Rocky to be both supportive and a hearty devourer of both my hits and misses was a godsend.

While we searched for the flat we were to share, I shared with him my dreams of actually cooking and to my surprise, he too had such dreams. So we promised to each other that this was one joint dream we were to do and no matter how horrible our initial attempts may be, to always be supportive of the other.

From fresh salads and quirky ice cream desserts, I slowly attempted other things. One failed soup, burnt egg-in-a-basket, and a too asim bistek later, I am now officially excited to see what other things I can make and enjoy.

To my surprise, so many other friends were very supportive of our dream. Jon offered a skillet and gave us our first cookbook. Mina, Rocky's sister, offered more recipes as well. Pao at first offered an old gas stove for us to use, and until now excitedly checks on our updates on what new meal we cooked up. Then, there's Nina, Rej, Paul and other friends who have been very very supportive of each endeavor.

And true enough, as Rej had warned us, now we find ourselves looking at menus at restaurants and going, "Hmm I think we can just do this at home..." and "Oh, we have to make this... this was delicious!" rather than feeling too preoccupied with the idea of just eating out. The savings have been tremendous. The food, healthier.

Cooking is not as horrifying as I thought it would be.

So, to celebrate this new growing skill, we've compiled and will continue to update our food gallery to share with the rest of you what we've enjoyed doing and eating so far. Hopefully, someday, we even get to cook for more guests and give them a taste of our little preparations.

Cooking has been fantastic. And I only hope and pray we get more food options to try with each passing day.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Me As A Superhero - 003
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Sunday, July 16, 2006

1st Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards entry - Page 3 of 3

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1st Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards entry - Page 2 of 3

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1st Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards entry - page 1 of 3

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Me As A Superhero - 002
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